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Two Snake Creek Gap races down. One to go. The first was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the mid 40s and a trail in beautiful shape for a January ride. I suffered mightily that day. The second race … Continue reading

The First One

Old, lo-res picture from the first mountain bike race I ever participated in. The Lock 4 Six Hour Challenge, November 2009. © 2013 Speedstache. All rights reserved.

Our local mountain bike forum had a discussion thread on Snake Creek Gap stories. Reading them, coupled with my most recent post about some of the more challenging conditions I have raced it in brought to mind the first time … Continue reading

Wish List

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2012 has been a big year. I set goals and reached them.  The Snake Creek Gap time trials started it all off with a goal set last year to race the 34 mile distance in less than 5 hours. January … Continue reading

Baby Steps

This is what won't be going back on the bike © 2012 Speedstache. All rights reserved.

A CB750 engine roars to life outside of the detached garage of an Iowa farm house. My dad shifts it into gear and accelerates down the driveway, spitting gravel as it digs for traction. He opens the throttle a bit … Continue reading

No more mysteries

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For the past two or so years there has been a bike sitting in my garage. Not a surprise, I’m sure, except that this bike runs on petrol and oil instead of leg power. It is dirty, caked with carbon … Continue reading

One mile from home

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From the end of my driveway I could turn right and explore the entire neighborhood, or left and down a long winding gravel road to that dead-ended into a series of trails. Over the course of a long summer I … Continue reading


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I rode my bike today. I took my cyclocross bike out to Cane Ridge park where SORBA is constructing a new trail. It’s nice. The ride isn’t important though, just that I rode. I tend to compose these posts while … Continue reading


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You can’t outrun a cloud of gnats while climbing a sustained 8% grade with sections approaching 20%. All things considered though, gnats aren’t that bad. Now horseflies, they are that bad. They are also fast and know how to draft. … Continue reading


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Specifically the wind. A series of fairly rash decisions over the past couple of weeks has resulted in me being the owner of a brand new set of Enve Composites Smart series 3.4 Tubular wheels. I say rash decisions only … Continue reading